That one time when Star Wars almost ruined my relationship

Okay, not really. But about four years into my relationship with my not-yet-husband, I remember that he was horrified by the fact that I had somehow managed to make it to my twenties without ever having seen a Star Wars film and pretty much demanded that I accompany him to the Special Edition viewings. This was worded in a way that did lead me to briefly speculate that he might question his decision to continue a relationship with someone who had absolutely no knowledge of the Force. 😀 So I did, thinking that I would be bored as hell. But I wasn’t. Like most things I take a liking to, I basically inhaled everything about the trilogy, and the books, and the whatever else. And here we are, twenty-something years later, and still together. Thanks, Star Wars.

This is all to say that OMG I’M SO PUMPED TO SEE THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!! While I’m usually super picky about which movies I’ll actually see in a theater because I’m the type of gal who is way more content to watch stuff in the privacy of my own home, this one will definitely be an exception to my general rule. I can’t imagine this movie disappointing me in any way, and I have a feeling that, much like Boba Fett and Darth Maul, Captain Phasma is totally going to steal the show for me—along with my heart—because behold the awesomeness:


How can you not love someone who looks that phenomenally badass?

Have a nice day!



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