TBT 2008: Killer Kira

Yes, I know it’s officially Friday, shush.

I’m a huge fan of yuri manga. The problem I always had, though—aside from the tragic overall lack of it in general compared to yaoi manga—was that a number of the stories I came across never really appealed to me. Not that there was anything wrong with them, it’s just that I’ve always been more drawn to dark and/or violent stories, and there wasn’t an overabundance of that in the girl/girl stuff I found. So I decided to write something for myself. And that’s how Kira Fujiwara was born.

Kira is (was) a killer. She never took any particular joy in it; it was her job, and she did it. Very well. But that’s not to say that she didn’t have a soft spot. She did, in the form of her on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jade, who understandably had some issues with being in a relationship with an assassin. I hate that I was never able to make a go of the story I wrote for them aside from the stuff that’s sitting on my hard drive and a short story that was published in the last printed volume of Yuri Monogatari, but maybe one of these days I’ll dust her off and try again. I just can’t resist a pretty lady with a big gun and an even bigger attitude. 🙂

Bits and pieces:


Jaded3Random moments from YM


KiraEarly concept art



KiraJadeCover concept (the non-nipply version)

(Created by me, drawn by SirKrozz)

So yeah, I think I’d very much like to play with her again. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “TBT 2008: Killer Kira

  1. Sounds like a very interesting concept. I’d enjoy reading her story, if you ever get a chance to tell it beyond one short in a compilation book.

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    1. It really sucks that there is such a small audience for yuri in the States (compared to yaoi). I think the YM publisher only focuses on importing titles right now, so OEL yuri doesn’t stand much of a chance. The plan *was* to work her into an existing work, but then things fell apart with my partner. (I really loved doing comics and manga, but the whole not-being-able-to-draw thing really made that tough.) But I want to do something with her. I just need to figure out what exactly.


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