Small Packages Cover and Excerpt

Hello! I wanted to share a sneak preview of Small Packages for anyone interested in checking it out.

Here’s the cover:

Small Packages Cover


And here’s a quick, sexless excerpt:

      All of the neighbors’ houses were festively decorated with numerous strings of bright, blinking lights that cut through the darkness with alternating flashes of red and green. Some of the houses displayed Nativity scenes while others had Santa and his reindeer. The Taylors, who lived two houses down on the other side of the street, had both. It was a combination that amused Jacob to no end—even more so because of the zombie garden gnomes that were acting as stand-ins for two reindeer and one of the Wise Men.
      “We should decorate the outside of the house one of these years.” He turned his head slightly to the right to acknowledge the vampire who had joined him at the window. “Maybe the neighbors would like us then.”
      “Do you really care if they like us or not?” Dominic asked.
      “No, but it would be nice if they didn’t stare at our house like it was a part of some circus freak show.”
      Dominic leaned forward to peer through the glass, his chin resting on Jacob’s shoulder. “We are a gay, interracial couple living in a conservative neighborhood, Jacob. Holiday decorations aren’t going to make much of a difference to most of these people. I can only imagine how they would react if they knew that we were vampires.” After a moment, he added, “Are those zombies?”
      “Yeah,” Jacob replied with a grin. “At least we’re not the only weirdos on the street.”


Small Packages will be available for download and online on 12/20.

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