The search for diversity

The other night, I went on an extensive search for interracial M/M stories. The “combination” made no difference to me; I just enjoy stories about couples who aren’t so… similar in their outward appearances. (Not that I mind when they are, because I don’t mind at all. Hell, most of the M/M books I own feature same-race couples.) I found some good suggestions thanks to Goodreads, but I also found a lot of stories in which some aspect of a character’s race or nationality was reduced to a fetish. Like the stash of stories I came across in which some poor, unsuspecting white guy was subjected to big, black cocks. Seriously, that was basically the tagline for some of them. It was like the authors gave zero fucks about developing their characters aside from what they had to offer between their legs. Then I had this mental image of Oprah bestowing big, black cocks upon her audience.

oprah“Everybody gets a big, black cock!”

*grins* I presume there’s an audience for that kind of stuff since it exists, but as for me, I’ll stick to characters who aren’t reduced to a stereotype of some sort.

Anyway, Small Packages is officially done. I’m thinking that I might publish it a day or two early for those of you who are following this blog before spreading the word on social media on 12/20. Because why not? And because thank you. ❤


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