TBT November: Harborview Immortals

I’m doing this a day early because Thursday is Christmas Eve and, in keeping with tradition, my husband and I will spend all day frantically shopping for gifts at the last minute and then taking all night to wrap them. Fun times!

One month ago—after years of manga setbacks—I took the plunge and publicly shared a novel that was very near and dear to me, along with two additional short stories afterwards. I was nervous as hell about it, too, and I’m usually not the nervous type. Although I didn’t put much effort into advertising any of it outside of my own little social media circle and posting them on a few fiction sites, the stories have averaged ten downloads a day since November 21. Presuming that this is not due to a handful of very devoted friends who downloaded them on 300 different computers and devices, I’m pretty damn proud of that. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my diverse little vampire/human family. There are a lot of stories in this series still yet to be told, and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading them as much as I will continue to enjoy writing them.

familyA family moment from the past. Drawn by G. Raven, who also did the art being used in my current header.

Happy Holidays!!!

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