Short Story Announcement: Like Fathers, Like Son

Xan Dawson is used to getting what he wants, and what he desperately wants right now is to attend the party of the year. Unfortunately, that party will be filled with drugs and alcohol and all sorts of other things that no sixteen-year-old should be doing. When his vampire fathers tell him no—a word he doesn’t hear from them very often—he temporarily succumbs to his inner brat and reacts in a way that he can never take back. The best he can hope for is that he will be forgiven.

I originally intended to save this for Father’s Day, but events in this story are briefly mentioned in #2 so I decided to publish it beforehand. Instead, I’ll save the erotic shorts for later. (Erotic short stories, because erotic shorts make me think about crotchless booty shorts or something like that, lol.)

Like Fathers, Like Son will be available to download and read online on January 31.

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