TBT 1984: Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey recently passed away, in what I can only describe as 2016’s apparent ongoing effort to rid the world of remarkably talented individuals. 😦  I discovered the Eagles ass backwards, meaning that as a kid I was a fan of each member’s solo music before learning that they all used to perform together. I remember getting one of their cassettes from Columbia House (Remember cassettes? Remember Columbia House??!) and the rest was pretty much history.

“Desperado” is one of my favorite Eagles song, though in recent years I’ve associated it more with that Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s boyfriend is so enraptured whenever he hears it that all he can do is stare into space. Hilarious episode, that. Anyway, I came across this video of Glenn singing it and decided to share.

R.I.P. Glenn. And cut it out, 2016. Seriously.

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