Still kickin’

Sorry I’ve been quiet this month. I’ve been working on a new story and my already pitifully lacking social media presence just disappeared completely. I would say that that would change but in a few days I’m leaving for Florida for a couple of weeks so I still won’t be around much. But I’ll be writing so at least there’s that.

I signed into my old AOL account for the first time in ages the other day and came across all these old saved emails from my former manga partner back when he was applying for the job in the first place. Those made me a little sad. I also saw some emails from my former comic book partner, the one I had before I made the switch to manga. Those made me even sadder. BUT I also found a  bunch of old story ideas and outlines, some I don’t even remember writing. That angel-verse story I mentioned here a while back along with an excerpt? I found all my original notes for that. Apparently I changed a LOT of stuff.

So anyway, at least some good came from that bittersweet trip down memory lane. I haven’t gone through everything yet; I’m looking forward to seeing what other long lost treasures await.

Have a nice day! ❤

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