You know that “I’m forgetting to do something” feeling? Yeeeah, so that’s why there was no TBT post yesterday. In my defense, I thought about it at various points during the day but then I got home and started watching Dogma (R.I.P. Alan Rickman, you brilliant, amazing, sexily-voiced man 😦 ), then I got distracted even further—surprisingly easy for me—and then I went to bed. My bad. I’ll do better next week… as long as I remember.

Like Fathers, Like Son is finished. January 31 is still the official posting date, but keep an eye out in case I get bored one night and decide to share it sooner. Once that is done, I’ll be neck deep in Book #2, which, unlike Family Matters, will be more of a novella length. Most of the stories moving forward will be; a part of the reason FM was 60k+ words long was to lay the groundwork for plots to come, some of which will intersect with future stories. I don’t have an ETA for #2 just yet. The writing part will be easy, but it’s all the stuff that comes afterwards that can take who knows how long. When I have an idea, I’ll let you know.

That’s all for now. Have a nice evening! ❤

TBT 2002: The Amazing Fence Riders

Back in the early 2000s, my comic book geekery and my growing frustration over some of the attitudes I experienced towards bisexuals in the LGBT community resulted in YA story called “The Amazing Fence Riders.” (Lol, that title.) It was about a group of college-aged bisexual friends who had the misfortune of dealing with the stereotypes that came with bisexuality and other forms of biphobia and bi-erasure, as told by the main character, Molly, who happened to be a raging Spider-Man fan, hence the “Amazing” part of the title. I wrote the entire thing longhand—something I can’t even imagine doing anymore without my hand falling off.

Here’s a bit from the beginning:

“There is no such thing as a bisexual.”

With those eight words, spoken to form one of the most ignorant sentences ever uttered, Mark Brabender sparked what will forever be known as The Fence Rider Revolt… and also came perilously close to losing a few teeth when Trent McLaren lunged at him. Fortunately, Tyler Hughes was able to subdue him before things turned even uglier. And by subdue, I mean that Trent, who was at least half a foot taller and thirty pounds heavier (all muscle, mind you), stopped himself before he bowled over his own boyfriend.

But before I go on, let me back up. It was the weekly meeting of our campus’ LGBT organization, Qmunity. The Ls and the Gs made up most of the group, with about thirty members in all. There were only five Bs and one T. Our small but outspoken bisexual contingent was used to attacks on our sexuality—so much for unity, huh? The fact that Alexandra and Renny were both dating guys served as supposed proof that the fight for equality didn’t concern us because we could “choose” the straight path if we wanted.



There’s a lot going on in the story: the group meets with resistance when they try to include the Bi Pride flag in the local Pride parade and also when members in opposite-sex relationships want to march with their partners (because it doesn’t look “gay” enough), and relationship stuff, including Molly’s own tentative beginnings with a lesbian who is hesitant to commit because she can’t get over the B word.

A lot of personal experiences went into this story. I don’t think I really ever planned to do anything with it; it was more about having an outlet for my frustrations. And although biphobia and bi-erasure still pop up from time to time, I’m glad that things are generally better nowadays, at least as far as I can tell.

Waiting for balls to drop…

Well, a ball. But you have to admit it’d be a lot funnier if there were two. Unless that’s the Schnapps talking. 😀  In any case…

Happy New Year 2016


No TBT this week, just my warmest and fondest wish to you for a safe and Happy New Year!!! Whether you’ve been around since the beginning or found me along the way, thank you for the support you’ve shown me this past year. I look forward to sharing more stories with you in 2016 (and more on that soon). ❤ ❤ ❤



TBT November: Harborview Immortals

I’m doing this a day early because Thursday is Christmas Eve and, in keeping with tradition, my husband and I will spend all day frantically shopping for gifts at the last minute and then taking all night to wrap them. Fun times!

One month ago—after years of manga setbacks—I took the plunge and publicly shared a novel that was very near and dear to me, along with two additional short stories afterwards. I was nervous as hell about it, too, and I’m usually not the nervous type. Although I didn’t put much effort into advertising any of it outside of my own little social media circle and posting them on a few fiction sites, the stories have averaged ten downloads a day since November 21. Presuming that this is not due to a handful of very devoted friends who downloaded them on 300 different computers and devices, I’m pretty damn proud of that. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my diverse little vampire/human family. There are a lot of stories in this series still yet to be told, and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading them as much as I will continue to enjoy writing them.

familyA family moment from the past. Drawn by G. Raven, who also did the art being used in my current header.

Happy Holidays!!! ❤

TBT: Vampire Flicks

One thing I love about vampire stories is seeing various approaches to their existence. Different stories will tweak their strengths and weaknesses in different ways, and I can honestly say that I’m not so hardcore in my own opinions that I can’t appreciate another person’s interpretation (unlike my unwavering belief that zombies should never be able to sprint or do parkour and ninja moves). There may be one or two exceptions to this, but overall, it’s all good.

As I was looking back through some old notes, I came across a very detailed breakdown of what I once wanted out of my vampires. Apparently they could walk around during the daytime and eat food because of… reasons? I’m glad I changed my mind about that, although one of my favorite vampire movies ever—the original Fright Night—featured a vampire who ate fruit, and I was totally cool with that. (Christopher Sarandon explained that it had to do with his character’s genealogy and fruit bats… it made a certain kind of sense.)

Speaking of Fright Night, and getting to the point of this post, here are my favorite vampire movies of all time: Continue reading “TBT: Vampire Flicks”

TBT 2007: Suspect

My second-to-last manga partner was an insanely talented girl, the only female partner I’ve ever had, as a matter of fact. (We even joked about calling ourselves CRAMP; if you’re a manga fan, you’ll understand why that’s funny.) One of the things I enjoyed most about working with her was that she challenged me to step outside of my box and write stories I never thought I would have an interest in writing. As someone who has a preference for darker stories, I didn’t think I had it in me to write something that didn’t involve the supernatural or at least one violent act. But because Nan was all about sweet and fluffy slice-of-life type stories, I agreed to write something that was more up her alley than my usual stuff. And that’s how Suspect was born. Well, that and a sadly short-lived BL magazine that went under before the series was able to be published in its entirety. In a nutshell, the story is about a college guy who is trying to determine the identity of the secret admirer who keeps leaving him roses and eye-gougingly sappy poetry and messages. While that’s going on, he’s also finding himself reluctantly attracted to the jock he’s been asked to tutor.

Not gonna lie—I threw up in my mouth back when I first started writing this, lol. But by the time the story came to an end, I was very happy with what we had created.

Below are some pre-lettered submission pages we did for BL Twist. Some of you who follow me on LiveJournal may remember seeing the final product years ago. They’re buried somewhere in my non-Emma Photobucket account now; one of these days I’ll dig them up and post them here.
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TBT 2008: Killer Kira

Yes, I know it’s officially Friday, shush.

I’m a huge fan of yuri manga. The problem I always had, though—aside from the tragic overall lack of it in general compared to yaoi manga—was that a number of the stories I came across never really appealed to me. Not that there was anything wrong with them, it’s just that I’ve always been more drawn to dark and/or violent stories, and there wasn’t an overabundance of that in the girl/girl stuff I found. So I decided to write something for myself. And that’s how Kira Fujiwara was born.

Kira is (was) a killer. She never took any particular joy in it; it was her job, and she did it. Very well. But that’s not to say that she didn’t have a soft spot. She did, in the form of her on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jade, who understandably had some issues with being in a relationship with an assassin. I hate that I was never able to make a go of the story I wrote for them aside from the stuff that’s sitting on my hard drive and a short story that was published in the last printed volume of Yuri Monogatari, but maybe one of these days I’ll dust her off and try again. I just can’t resist a pretty lady with a big gun and an even bigger attitude. 🙂

Bits and pieces: Continue reading “TBT 2008: Killer Kira”