Coming up in 2016

(Heh, coming—did I ever claim to be mature?)

Anyway, lest anyone think that I’m only capable of writing about vampires, I wanted to share some of the things on my plate for 2016:

  • Um, well, there’s Book 2 of the Harborview Immortals series. And yeah, that’ll have vampires in it, but moving on…
  • A story featuring a different kind of Harborview immortal. The angelic kind. (This will be based on an angel-verse I created years ago. More on that later.)
  • A story about two lifelong friends who end up on opposite sides of the law but manage to put aside their differences for one very special night.
  • A story about two members of a gang, ahem, I mean organization who explore what it really means to be “brothers.”

There are a few more  (shorter) things I’m contemplating right now, but the ones I listed are pretty much set in stone. It’s going to be a busy year.



Will write for comments?

I’m not referring to myself with that title. I’m referring to something that has intrigued me for many years, and truthfully, I thought it was just a fanfiction thing. Over the past couple of days as I was deciding where to post FM since I never plan to charge a dime for it (I’d publish all my stories for free if I could get away with it because I’m silly like that), I came across a number of instances in which a writer had announced that they were either deleting or no longer continuing a title because they weren’t getting enough comments. And I don’t know, maybe it’s just me (is it?) but I don’t understand that. I absolutely understand wanting and needing to receive recognition from others for the work one puts into creating something to share publicly. We’re giving you a piece of ourselves, and yeah, it would be awesome to get feedback for that. However, I just can’t fathom dropping a project entirely because of the lack of that desired feedback. My stories are my babies, and if I knew that no one else would ever read them except for me, I’d still write them. I really would. Is that weird? Maybe it is. But I’d like to think not.