Some thoughts on HEAs

Call me weird—because I am—but I don’t always have a resounding preference for romantic stories or arcs with a happy ending. Sure, it’s nice to see a tale come to an end where everything works out perfectly (HEA), or almost perfectly (HFN), and it’s far more preferable not to feel as if part of my soul has been torn apart because a character dies or for whatever other reason is unable or unwilling to be with his beloved. But sometimes I think there are situations in which an ambiguous or unhappy ending is truer to the story. Do those stories make me roll into a ball and cry for hours on end? Yeah, sometimes. However, I can live with that heartbreak as long as it is justified. I think this is the reason why some of my favorite titles don’t end with a happily ever after, because the overall story is better for not having everything tied into a pretty red bow at the end. Not to mention the fact that any feelings of suspense that I might have while reading a story are negated by knowing in advance that everything will work out when all is said and done, where “Oooh, I wonder if they’ll get together” turns into “I wonder how many more pages to go before they get together.” One is not nearly as exciting as the other.

I have no idea if—and I certainly can’t promise—every single one of my stories will end on a pleasant note. My muse has taken me to dark places before, so it’s hard to say. What I can promise is that I will always write an ending that I feel is truest to the story being told. And I hope that counts for something, even if it means that there will be no strolling off into the sunset hand in hand.

And so ends my deep thought for the day, to make up for the fact that I didn’t do a Throwback Thursday post. 😀


Read an Ebook Week


Lots of free and discounted stuff at Smashwords for Read an Ebook Week. Check it out!

A word about Amazon

wonder womanNo, not this Amazon.

For those of you who have asked or might be wondering, I presently have no plans to publish my work through Amazon. This isn’t to say that I won’t change my mind at some point down the road—never say never—but for now, I’m  quite happy with Smashwords, and I’m really very much into what they represent for the indie writer. Through Smashwords, my stories are being distributed to almost every other major retailer except for Amazon, and  I’m content with that. The fact that they provide a MOBI download option is an additional bonus, so Kindle users aren’t neglected (and it takes all of a minute to manually move the file into the Kindle app if it doesn’t load automatically).

Also, I’ve just discovered that a Goodreads page was made for Family Matters. I was under the impression that wouldn’t happen but it did. I’m amused because when I clicked on my name, I discovered that I was also being credited with something I didn’t do (Bible Stories, of all things), so now I’m just waiting for them to sort that out. I actually wasn’t going to hop on the Goodreads train just yet but since it’s there, I guess I will. Once everything is fixed, I’ll add that info to the Stalk Me page.


TBT 1999: The song that inspired a universe

One random day back in 1999, I decided to go shopping. I ended up at this used CD store and bought a few things. You guys remember CDs, right? Anyway, one of the CDs I bought was—don’t judge me—WWF (now known as WWE) The Music, Volume 4. (I grew up watching wrestling; as a kid I always knew Santa wasn’t real but boy was I heartbroken when I found out that wrestling was scripted, lol.) This was back before they were ordered to change their name because of the World Wildlife Fund.

So anyway, I got back into my car and decided to pop it in and have a listen while I drove around. Everything was fine and good until I got to the Undertaker’s theme. Now mind you, I’d heard it a thousand times before at that point, but only bits and pieces because they never played a wrestler’s full theme song on TV given the short amount of time it took for them to get to the ring. So it wasn’t until I was joyriding around the city that I actually had a chance to hear the song in its entirety. And something really strange and awesome happened when I heard it. I thought of a story. Up until that point, I’d never given a thought to writing about angels, but all of a sudden, it was all there in my head. The story was about a group of angels that had been cast out of Heaven and decided to take it upon themselves to murder a child—a prepubescent Antichrist—because they wanted to save the world. (This may sound familiar to some of you who follow me in fandom.) In the four minutes it took for the song to play, I mentally plotted out the entire story from start to finish, and I rushed home and started writing it. And from there, other stories spawned, including Divine Will, which I mentioned in a previous TBT post. Before I knew it, I had created an entire universe of angels and demons and one very reluctant son of Satan. And it all came about because of a freaking wrestler’s intro music. Imagine that.

Later this year when I resurrect my angel-verse, you can pretty much bet that I’ll be listening to this song for inspiration. 😀

Upcoming short story!

Hello! This post is to announce a brand new, soon-to-be-published short story in the Harborview Immortals series titled Family Matters: A Halloween Interlude. It takes places about three weeks after the final events of Family Matters on Halloween night. While it isn’t required reading for the series (it was basically an excuse to write something smutty), I hope that those of you who do decide to purchase it will enjoy reading it. And bonus points if you spot the references to other stories that were thrown in there.

Here’s an excerpt from the beginning (spoilers, obviously, for Family Matters): Continue reading “Upcoming short story!”

Did I say the 29th?

Family Matters Cover FINAL

Available now.

TBT 19something: The Right Type

When I was in elementary school, my mom broke down and bought me a spiffy new Smith Corona electronic typewriter. That thing was fancy as hell, let me tell you. It had this neat digital display and you could see your sentences before they were typed out to make sure you didn’t screw anything up. And if you did screw up, you just hit a button and fixed it as opposed to dealing with those corrector strip thingies that were a pain in the ass. I remember being soooo excited when I got it because I thought I was going to give up the pen for good and write like real writers. Yeah, that didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped. I discovered very quickly that having a typewriter didn’t instantly grant me the ability to type and I got so frustrated with hunting and pecking that I immediately went back to longhand and only whipped out the typewriter when I had finished a story (or poem or song or whatever).

When I got to high school, I decided to take a typing course (do they still offer those?). And again, I thought I was ready to leave the pen behind forever. And again, I was wrong because I soon found out that I had the dexterity of a slug and damn near failed the class because I just couldn’t get my fingers to cooperate.

typewriterThanks for ruining my GPA, you jerk.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t until well after high school that something in my brain finally clicked and typing became super easy for me. Now I average almost 80 wpm, last time I tested myself. I guess it just took a few extra years for all of those classes to sink in. 😀

Excellent news!!!

And no, it’s not that awesome thing that happened on The Walking Dead tonight although I haven’t been able to stop smiling about it for the past three hours. 😀

The OTHER reason I’m smiling is because the Family Matters cover is done! Well, it still needs to be lettered, but the image itself is finished, and I’m super happy with how it turned out. My most heartfelt thanks to G. Raven for doing such a fantastic job. ❤ I can now announce that the book will be published on February 29, presuming there are no snags or zombie apocalypses to postpone things even further. Look for more info on that later this week.


Haters gonna hate

(First of all, I would just like to point out that apparently I’m only good at remembering that I need to do a TBT post on Wednesdays and Fridays. *eyeroll*)

Anyway, did I ever tell you guys how I got into M/M? Probably not. It all started long ago and far away, back in my twenties. I decided that I wanted to read more than the horror and supernatural stuff that comprised 99% of the books I owned . But I didn’t want to read the straight stuff because, frankly, I’d read enough of that as a kid to last me a lifetime. Instead, I wanted to read F/F stories, because those were way more up my alley as far as interests went. Unfortunately, the problem I ran into was that a lot of the lesbian/bisexual-themed stories I found weren’t exactly my thing. Most of what I came across was a little too… eh, sweet for my own personal tastes. I was looking for stories with some bite. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places, but it seemed to me at the time that the only stories that had the kinds of plots that caught my eye were of the guy-on-guy variety. And, being ever the optimist, I figured what the hell because at least I would still be dealing with a same-sex relationship, which was what I really wanted to read, even if I couldn’t necessarily relate to having a penis. Continue reading “Haters gonna hate”

And another update

No TBT post this week seeing as how it’s Friday, but I do want to announce that Family Matters is properly formatted and ready for Smashwords! Right now, I’m just waiting on the cover art. Once I’ve got that, everything will be in order and the book will officially be published. Finally. (And yes, it will still be free.)

I also want to let you all know that the tentative release date for Book 2 is June 19. I purposely chose Father’s Day because it just seems fitting for the story, plus I originally wanted to do it for Family Matters (I suppose I still could if I wanted to wait that long to publish it, but nah). Between then and now, I will be knocking one of the non-vampire short stories I mentioned a while back off my to-do list. Which one? You’ll see. 😀

That’s all for now. I’m off to continue my The Walking Dead marathon in anticipation of the mid-season premiere this Sunday. Because zombies. ❤