Harborview Immortals Series

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An Unexpected Addition Cover

Vampires Dominic and Jacob have been together for almost two hundred years. Despite the pain of their respective pasts, they now have tremendous wealth, power, and—most importantly—each other. However, thanks to a new business opportunity (and an impromptu quest for flavored lube), they’re about to discover the one thing that they’ve been missing in their long lives: fatherhood.

This is a Harborview Immortals prequel short story (I revised the hell out of it, causing it to lose its novelette status). While it contains references to Family Matters, no prior knowledge of the book is required.

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(Lastly, because I’m kind of obsessive, the Family Matters downloads have been updated with versions that have properly centered scene breaks. It was keeping me up at nights, you have no idea. Sorry about the fail.)



Happy Thanksgiving!


If you celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you have a wonderful one! (And if you don’t, then have an awesome Thursday!)

Also, as a reminder, An Unexpected Addition will be available for free download and posted online this Sunday, 11/29. This Harborview Immortals prequel novelette explains how Dominic and Jacob stumbled across little baby Xan in the first place and their subsequent adventures in new daddyhood, what with the bottles and diapers and spitting up and such. 😀