And another update

No TBT post this week seeing as how it’s Friday, but I do want to announce that Family Matters is properly formatted and ready for Smashwords! Right now, I’m just waiting on the cover art. Once I’ve got that, everything will be in order and the book will officially be published. Finally. (And yes, it will still be free.)

I also want to let you all know that the tentative release date for Book 2 is June 19. I purposely chose Father’s Day because it just seems fitting for the story, plus I originally wanted to do it for Family Matters (I suppose I still could if I wanted to wait that long to publish it, but nah). Between then and now, I will be knocking one of the non-vampire short stories I mentioned a while back off my to-do list. Which one? You’ll see. 😀

That’s all for now. I’m off to continue my The Walking Dead marathon in anticipation of the mid-season premiere this Sunday. Because zombies. ❤


Family Matters Update

Due to the Smashwords release of Family Matters—which is going to happen much sooner than I expected—I will be removing the present version of the story from the Downloads Page next week. I will also be removing all but the first few chapters from BooksieSilk, Tablo, and Wattpad and leaving the rest as a teaser, same as with FictionPress currently. Aside from some minor tweaking and fixing a couple of things that were missed the first time around, everything is still the same. However, I decided not to include the bonus content I previously mentioned, a short story titled A Boy Named Luca, because I’m going to publish that separately. Eventually.

More on that later. Have a nice day!


Watt’s up?

For anyone so inclined, Family Matters can now also be read on Wattpad. The Downloads page has been updated to reflect this (and the posting dates of Unexpected Addition and Small Packages).

PS: And now BooksieSilk and Tablo, too!

And by Sunday, I really meant Saturday


Family Matters is now a thing you can download! Details are here. (FYI, all free stories will be posted to that page moving forward.)

Multiple people tested each format on multiple devices, so I’m pretty confident that there should be no issues. I personally tested them all on my Kindle app (I had to manually move the MOBI file to my phone’s app folder, but then it opened just fine), my NOOK (it didn’t like PDF too much but that could be because my NOOK is old as hell), and my laptop. If you have any problems, please comment or shoot me a message at emmapetersonwrites at gmail dot com and I’ll get back to you asap!

Lastly, I don’t know exactly when I’ll publish this on Smashwords (with a new permanent cover and additional bonus content because why not?), but once I have an idea, you’ll be the first to know. 😀

Bad news, awesome news

The Smashwords release of Family Matters has been postponed until further notice, meaning at least until NaNoWriMo is over because dealing with this has been murder on my daily word count.

But!!!  Unless I get blindsided by a meteor *knock on wood* the book will be available for download this weekend—Sunday, most likely—in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. So you will finally be able to get your virtual hands on the book. A week or so following this, An Unexpected Addition will also be made available for download; I decided to hold off on sharing this until after the book was out since it contains references to Family Matters that might be somewhat spoilerish to those of you who did not follow the story when it was previously posted online.

Finally… what do you give the vampire who has everything? Find out Jacob’s answer next month in Small Packages, a sweet and smutty Harborview Immortals short story. Because nothing says Christmas like vampires and porn, am I right? 😀


The evolution of a tale

(I almost typed tail. Lulz. Also heads up: this post contains crack—the butt kind.)

I’m pretty sure at some point in the past—perhaps on the other blog for those of you who followed me here—I mentioned that Family Matters and, by extension, the entire Harborview Immortals series was originally written as a manga. (And if I didn’t mention it, well, now you know. 😀 ) The whole family angle was actually a very small part of the overall story, which was more focused on the interaction between a number of clans spread out across the globe: Spain, Ireland, Britain, Japan, and Italy. The story was told primarily from the Italian clan’s POV, with a little bit of input from the Irish. Jacob didn’t exist here; he’s actually a carryover from an even older story that I wrote about sixteen years ago, though I did snag his present name from another character, Giacobbe, who didn’t make the cut here. The character who became Xan was originally named Niccolo and of Italian and Japanese descent (some of you can guess where the Japanese portion of him ended up). He was also a vampire; the whole human thing was reserved for another. Let’s see, what else… Vincenzo was nice, Demetrio was not, and Luca was a ruthless and slightly rapey enforcer-type. Yikes.

Despite my initial disappointment that the manga never failed to materialize outside of some drawings and pages that will probably never see the light of day, I’m really happy with what the story became and where it will go from here. It took a while to get from there to here, but in the end, it was totally worth the frustration. I hope you’ll agree.


What could have been:  Continue reading “The evolution of a tale”

A quick word about preordering

How about I start with a bit of good news? The previously mentioned formatting snag has been unsnagged! If all goes well from here on out, I’d like to have Family Matters ready to publish over the next couple of weeks (or sooner, but punctuality and I aren’t always on speaking terms). This brings me to what I really wanted to talk about.

A few of you have asked me privately about preordering the book. Unfortunately, this will not be possible because I’m not charging anything for Family Matters, so I am unable to set up preordering through Smashwords. But never fear, I will make sure you know exactly when you’ll be able to download your free copy.

Until next time!


Family Matters, Chapter 1

Due to an unexpected formatting snag, I don’t have a firm ETA for the book’s release. It all depends on whether or not the snag can be corrected with minimal loss of sanity. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I wanted to go ahead and share the final version of Chapter 1 for anyone interested in reading it. In addition to this, I will be re-posting An Unexpected Addition, a prequel novelette I originally wrote for Father’s Day back in June.

Once I know where I stand with the Smashwords prep, I will announce it here. In the meantime, enjoy!


About Family Matters:

Jacob and Dominic are the parents of a young man named Xan. And really, they’re just like any other parents… except they happen to be vampires.

Despite their present-day prominence, the couple has had to endure numerous challenges over the centuries, from plagues to wars to slavery—Jacob even has the scars to prove it. But their biggest challenge of all is giving Xan room to grow while protecting him from the dangers of the vampire world, dangers that are further heightened when Dominic’s estranged maker comes to town and expresses an interest in meeting his “grandson.”

As for the geeky and free-spirited Xan, he only has one thing on his mind: getting laid. But when he meets a vampire fledgling named Michael, he soon learns that there is more to life, even a human one, than screwing every guy he meets.

Family Matters is the first book in the Harborview Immortals series by Emma Peterson. Continue reading “Family Matters, Chapter 1”