Bad news, awesome news

The Smashwords release of Family Matters has been postponed until further notice, meaning at least until NaNoWriMo is over because dealing with this has been murder on my daily word count.

But!!!  Unless I get blindsided by a meteor *knock on wood* the book will be available for download this weekend—Sunday, most likely—in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats. So you will finally be able to get your virtual hands on the book. A week or so following this, An Unexpected Addition will also be made available for download; I decided to hold off on sharing this until after the book was out since it contains references to Family Matters that might be somewhat spoilerish to those of you who did not follow the story when it was previously posted online.

Finally… what do you give the vampire who has everything? Find out Jacob’s answer next month in Small Packages, a sweet and smutty Harborview Immortals short story. Because nothing says Christmas like vampires and porn, am I right? 😀


A quick word about preordering

How about I start with a bit of good news? The previously mentioned formatting snag has been unsnagged! If all goes well from here on out, I’d like to have Family Matters ready to publish over the next couple of weeks (or sooner, but punctuality and I aren’t always on speaking terms). This brings me to what I really wanted to talk about.

A few of you have asked me privately about preordering the book. Unfortunately, this will not be possible because I’m not charging anything for Family Matters, so I am unable to set up preordering through Smashwords. But never fear, I will make sure you know exactly when you’ll be able to download your free copy.

Until next time!


Family Matters, Chapter 1

Due to an unexpected formatting snag, I don’t have a firm ETA for the book’s release. It all depends on whether or not the snag can be corrected with minimal loss of sanity. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I wanted to go ahead and share the final version of Chapter 1 for anyone interested in reading it. In addition to this, I will be re-posting An Unexpected Addition, a prequel novelette I originally wrote for Father’s Day back in June.

Once I know where I stand with the Smashwords prep, I will announce it here. In the meantime, enjoy!


About Family Matters:

Jacob and Dominic are the parents of a young man named Xan. And really, they’re just like any other parents… except they happen to be vampires.

Despite their present-day prominence, the couple has had to endure numerous challenges over the centuries, from plagues to wars to slavery—Jacob even has the scars to prove it. But their biggest challenge of all is giving Xan room to grow while protecting him from the dangers of the vampire world, dangers that are further heightened when Dominic’s estranged maker comes to town and expresses an interest in meeting his “grandson.”

As for the geeky and free-spirited Xan, he only has one thing on his mind: getting laid. But when he meets a vampire fledgling named Michael, he soon learns that there is more to life, even a human one, than screwing every guy he meets.

Family Matters is the first book in the Harborview Immortals series by Emma Peterson. Continue reading “Family Matters, Chapter 1”