Harborview Immortals Series

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Tuck & Chuck (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction that picks up where the Tuck-centric bonus chapter 7.5 in Family Matters leaves off, but from another vampire’s POV. I originally wrote this while visiting my BFF in Texas, hence the vampire in this story being from Texas, too.

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I finally did the thing.

Jacob returns to Georgia when a distant relative is in peril. Between seeing her and his first love/murderer/maker, he finds himself remembering all the heartaches and horrors of a human life that he would much rather forget.

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The Final Countdown

I love that song. Hello there.

Barring some sort of extinction-level event, Scars from the Past will be available for download on Monday.

I’m also dusting off a flash fiction related to everyone’s favorite (okay, maybe just my favorite) gum-chewing vampire that will be posted sometime next week.

I’m also prepping the first novella in a three part *gasp* non-vampire series I wrote years ago to publish within the next month or two because I got tired of it judging me for ignoring it every time I opened my Drive.

I’m also hard at work on Two Princes. No ETA on that yet but it’s getting there.

I’m feeling productive AF. I like it.

Now I want some chocolate.

There are so many subtle ways to traverse the intricacies of describing characters of various races, nationalities, etc. while they’re being introduced. “This guy was talking to a Black guy” is not subtle. (And don’t even get me started on the fact that the first guy didn’t get a racial descriptor so we’re supposed to automatically assume he’s……? Yeah.)

It has always and will always annoy me.

(P.S. I love chocolate as much as anyone, but I’m really over the word being used to describe my skin. I mean, I’m probably quite delicious, but still.)

Last Look (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction (and unintentional sort of prequel to Scars from the Past) about Jacob paying one last visit to the family member he’ll never know.

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Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’

It really feels like it’s only been about five minutes since my last entry. Good grief.

Anyway, hi!

Scars from the Past is finished, so now it’s off to be edited and converted for download. And it only took… much longer than it was supposed to. Now I can finally start Two Princes, which will be the next story in the Harborview Immortals series proper. Make what you will of the title. No, it’s not an homage to the Spin Doctors.

I also have a few more canon-adjacent flash fictions to clean up and post here too, eventually. If I decide I like them enough to do that. (Spoiler alert: I do.)

If any of you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, good luck and rock on. ❤

See you soon.

So much for a perfect world

Remember in my last post when I said in a perfect world I would have Scars of the Past finished by the end of March? Yeah, that was funny, wasn’t it? It’s not my fault though; the story insists on being longer than I originally intended. You know how that goes.

I’m working on a scene now that’s actually quite relevant to something that’s been all over the news these days. Jacob and James–a former slave and his ex-lover/former owner’s son, respectively–are having a chat about the past. It’s not an easy conversation, but it needed to happen. I think it’s a shame that some people feel like we should avoid the hard talks, and that everyone would be better served if we just glossed over terrible things from long ago or pretended that they didn’t happen at all. Come on, humans. If these two vampires can talk about this stuff and they were there, then we can talk about it too, right?

Anywho, I had a great vacation. It was really cold for one day (which is not typical for Florida) then really hot the rest of the time I was there (which is absolutely typical for Florida) and I remembered how to be lazy. It was glorious.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you kick ass moms out there, whether your child/children have skin, fur, or feathers. Happy Sunday to the rest of you. 🙂

Carry the one…

(By Thomas T on Unsplash)

I greatly underestimated how much I would be using a calculator when dealing with immortal characters that have been doing many things for many centuries. I can barely remember what year(s) I did a lot of stuff but God forbid I screw up vampire continuity.

Speaking of vampire continuity, Scars from the Past is coming along well. I don’t have an ETA because I’ll be going on vacation later this week until late March, but in a perfect world I would have it finished by the end of the month.

I hope all of you are creating beautiful things. I look forward to having more time to read all of those beautiful things while I’m melting away in Florida. Write on. ❤


To Protect and Serve (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction about Officer Brian learning about his new job from his new boss and meeting the sexually generous son of the club’s owners.

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Birth of a Monster (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction about a newly-turned Steven getting revenge for all the years of his father’s mistreatment. (TW: implied sexual abuse, outright violence)

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