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So much for a perfect world

Remember in my last post when I said in a perfect world I would have Scars of the Past finished by the end of March? Yeah, that was funny, wasn’t it? It’s not my fault though; the story insists on being longer than I originally intended. You know how that goes.

I’m working on a scene now that’s actually quite relevant to something that’s been all over the news these days. Jacob and James–a former slave and his ex-lover/former owner’s son, respectively–are having a chat about the past. It’s not an easy conversation, but it needed to happen. I think it’s a shame that some people feel like we should avoid the hard talks, and that everyone would be better served if we just glossed over terrible things from long ago or pretended that they didn’t happen at all. Come on, humans. If these two vampires can talk about this stuff and they were there, then we can talk about it too, right?

Anywho, I had a great vacation. It was really cold for one day (which is not typical for Florida) then really hot the rest of the time I was there (which is absolutely typical for Florida) and I remembered how to be lazy. It was glorious.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you kick ass moms out there, whether your child/children have skin, fur, or feathers. Happy Sunday to the rest of you. 🙂

Carry the one…

(By Thomas T on Unsplash)

I greatly underestimated how much I would be using a calculator when dealing with immortal characters that have been doing many things for many centuries. I can barely remember what year(s) I did a lot of stuff but God forbid I screw up vampire continuity.

Speaking of vampire continuity, Scars from the Past is coming along well. I don’t have an ETA because I’ll be going on vacation later this week until late March, but in a perfect world I would have it finished by the end of the month.

I hope all of you are creating beautiful things. I look forward to having more time to read all of those beautiful things while I’m melting away in Florida. Write on. ❤


To Protect and Serve (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction about Officer Brian learning about his new job from his new boss and meeting the sexually generous son of the club’s owners.

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Birth of a Monster (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction about a newly-turned Steven getting revenge for all the years of his father’s mistreatment. (TW: implied sexual abuse, outright violence)

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Just My Typo

When it finally takes a text to speech app to discover a typo that was somehow overlooked by multiple pairs of eyes prior to publication:

“Not too much,” Michael started, his toes playfully gabbing at the mongrel’s tail.

I imagine that must have been quite the conversation. Dani Linden said that the toes are asking the tail who smells the worst between the two of them. I’m open to additional suggestions as well. Maybe this is the accidental start of my next great story. 😀

(Sketch by Kanna.)


… do writers do their best writing when they’re actually not writing? I practically finished a novel in my head while I was grocery shopping this morning.

I’m resuming Scars from the Past this week. I want to wrap that one up before jumping back into the series proper, especially since it’s the last Extra short story involving any of the main characters that I have planned for a while. I’m really looking forward to spending time with Jacob, just the two of us. As my longest-existing character, he deserves some special attention (even if it involves delving into his past and making him relive terrible things).

Happy writing.


Isn’t it funny how you blink and all of a sudden literal YEARS have gone by? I swear it was just yesterday since my last post. (-_-)

At any rate, I’ve been away far too long between the day job and different writing projects, and I’m done letting other things distract me from a series and a group of characters that mean the world to me.

I’m back, baby. Stay tuned.

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Return of the Emma

I always swore that I would never let life get in the way of my writing. And I didn’t, for the most part. Other writing got in the way of my writing. You know that meme that talks about how one’s mind is like a million open tabs at once? Well mine is like a million stories, all demanding to be written at the same damn time. But I’m back in my Emma hat, finally, and I’m really excited to announce that I am starting Book 3 of my little vampire-human adventure and finishing Scars From the Past, which as been “coming soon” for quite a while now. (My bad.) After that, I plan to wrap up a quick short I started forever ago about Luca, because big, burly, asexual human bodyguards deserve love, too.

So… here goes.

Title goes here


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So what has Emma been up to you ask? (If you didn’t ask, I’m going to tell you anyway. 😀 ) I’m still writing. That’s the good news. I’m about halfway into Part Two of the non-Emma story I started late last year; after I finished the first part I figured I would go ahead and bang out the second part while it was all still fresh in my head. There’s probably going to be a Part Three because I fell in love with a supporting character and wanted to throw some love his way, but it won’t be more than 10,000 words, if that.

The bad news is that I’m writing a little slower these days because of a new, full-time day job. I haven’t had a full-time job in like fifteen years, and I’m learning all over again the fine art of time management. To those of you who have found and maintained the tricky balance between work and writing, respect.

At any rate, I’m still around. Just busier than usual.