That one time when Star Wars almost ruined my relationship

Okay, not really. But about four years into my relationship with my not-yet-husband, I remember that he was horrified by the fact that I had somehow managed to make it to my twenties without ever having seen a Star Wars film and pretty much demanded that I accompany him to the Special Edition viewings. This was worded in a way that did lead me to briefly speculate that he might question his decision to continue a relationship with someone who had absolutely no knowledge of the Force. 😀 So I did, thinking that I would be bored as hell. But I wasn’t. Like most things I take a liking to, I basically inhaled everything about the trilogy, and the books, and the whatever else. And here we are, twenty-something years later, and still together. Thanks, Star Wars. Continue reading “That one time when Star Wars almost ruined my relationship”