I finally did the thing.

Jacob returns to Georgia when a distant relative is in peril. Between seeing her and his first love/murderer/maker, he finds himself remembering all the heartaches and horrors of a human life that he would much rather forget.

Free download: EPUB, PDF (MOBI version coming later)
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The Final Countdown

I love that song. Hello there.

Barring some sort of extinction-level event, Scars from the Past will be available for download on Monday.

I’m also dusting off a flash fiction related to everyone’s favorite (okay, maybe just my favorite) gum-chewing vampire that will be posted sometime next week.

I’m also prepping the first novella in a three part *gasp* non-vampire series I wrote years ago to publish within the next month or two because I got tired of it judging me for ignoring it every time I opened my Drive.

I’m also hard at work on Two Princes. No ETA on that yet but it’s getting there.

I’m feeling productive AF. I like it.

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’

It really feels like it’s only been about five minutes since my last entry. Good grief.

Anyway, hi!

Scars from the Past is finished, so now it’s off to be edited and converted for download. And it only took… much longer than it was supposed to. Now I can finally start Two Princes, which will be the next story in the Harborview Immortals series proper. Make what you will of the title. No, it’s not an homage to the Spin Doctors.

I also have a few more canon-adjacent flash fictions to clean up and post here too, eventually. If I decide I like them enough to do that. (Spoiler alert: I do.)

If any of you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, good luck and rock on. ❤

See you soon.