Tuck & Chuck (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction that picks up where the Tuck-centric bonus chapter 7.5 in Family Matters leaves off, but from another vampire’s POV. I originally wrote this while visiting my BFF in Texas, hence the vampire in this story being from Texas, too.

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I finally did the thing.

Jacob returns to Georgia when a distant relative is in peril. Between seeing her and his first love/murderer/maker, he finds himself remembering all the heartaches and horrors of a human life that he would much rather forget.

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Last Look (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction (and unintentional sort of prequel to Scars from the Past) about Jacob paying one last visit to the family member he’ll never know.

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To Protect and Serve (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction about Officer Brian learning about his new job from his new boss and meeting the sexually generous son of the club’s owners.

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Birth of a Monster (flash fiction)

A canon-adjacent Harborview Immortals flash fiction about a newly-turned Steven getting revenge for all the years of his father’s mistreatment. (TW: implied sexual abuse, outright violence)

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… do writers do their best writing when they’re actually not writing? I practically finished a novel in my head while I was grocery shopping this morning.

I’m resuming Scars from the Past this week. I want to wrap that one up before jumping back into the series proper, especially since it’s the last Extra short story involving any of the main characters that I have planned for a while. I’m really looking forward to spending time with Jacob, just the two of us. As my longest-existing character, he deserves some special attention (even if it involves delving into his past and making him relive terrible things).

Happy writing.