A word about Amazon

wonder womanNo, not this Amazon.

For those of you who have asked or might be wondering, I presently have no plans to publish my work through Amazon. This isn’t to say that I won’t change my mind at some point down the road—never say never—but for now, I’m  quite happy with Smashwords, and I’m really very much into what they represent for the indie writer. Through Smashwords, my stories are being distributed to almost every other major retailer except for Amazon, and  I’m content with that. The fact that they provide a MOBI download option is an additional bonus, so Kindle users aren’t neglected (and it takes all of a minute to manually move the file into the Kindle app if it doesn’t load automatically).

Also, I’ve just discovered that a Goodreads page was made for Family Matters. I was under the impression that wouldn’t happen but it did. I’m amused because when I clicked on my name, I discovered that I was also being credited with something I didn’t do (Bible Stories, of all things), so now I’m just waiting for them to sort that out. I actually wasn’t going to hop on the Goodreads train just yet but since it’s there, I guess I will. Once everything is fixed, I’ll add that info to the Stalk Me page.